ULTIMAX© cement is a blended hydraulic cement produced in an ordinary cement kiln using specially designed raw materials and quality control procedures to out perform any other product in its category.


ULTIMAX© cement has special chemical constituents and finer particle distribution property which participates in its outstanding performance.

Qwix® is a mineral additive used with Portland cement concrete mixes to enhance the physical properties and the chemical durability related properties.


Since Qwix® is a concentrated form of Ultimax? Cement, it carries most of the properties of the cement with additional flexibility. Concrete mixed with Qwix? has low shrinkage, low expansion and low permeability.

UC Delay® is a citric acid-based retarder which effectively delays the hydration of Ultimax? Cement concrete. It provides increased working time, and a more plastic and flowable concrete.

UC Revive® is a newly patented product and system. This system allows Ultimax® Cement to be dormant after adding water for up to 4 hours. UC Revive® is added to the mix anytime within these 4 hours. From the point UC Revive? is incorporated into the mix, one has approximately 45 minutes before the product attains initial set.